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  • "Hello Friends,

    I writing to let you know about our piano teacher of two years - Ms. Maria. We love her so much we have followed her from nearby Pasadena to the far corner of Altadena. Most would agree that is quite a distance to go for lessons, but she is so worth it. She is reasonably priced and is extremely patient with my kids - and you know how spry my girls are - And now they are able to read music and play quite well with only a 15 minute (each) lesson every Saturday.

    I love that Ms. Maria puts on a piano recital of all her students at least twice a year. Not only is it most entertaining, it's just fun to see how far your child has progressed in their piano playing. And the kids love to play for their parents. In addition to your basic music disciplines, Ms. Maria always encourages the kids to make up and perform their own compositions. That's the part of the lesson that Savannah loves! At the end of the year Ms. Maria puts together a CD of all the compositions that your child has learned - very fun.

    I don't have to tell you that not only is it a valuable asset to be able to read music, but it serves our kids well if they ever want to play another musical instrument and be in the school band or orchestra and to read music at this age is the perfect start! By the way Ms Maria also teaches adults, in case you're interested in learning piano yourself. I love playing piano duets with my girls and we plan on performing at the next Valentine Fair! Thank you Ms. Maria!

    - The Ross Family"

  • "My daughter Valentina is excited about all she is learning under the direction of Ms. Maria. Valentina is so enthusiastic about piano that weekly practice is not a chore or a hassle. My husband and I truly appreciate Ms. Maria's consistency, commitment, and passion about piano. Thank you Ms. Maria for everything you've done and continue to do!

    - The Martinez Family"

  • "My kids have been coming to Maria for over, umm - 3 years now? 4 years? Time flies by. Both my kids take piano from her - we started with my son and then added my daughter after a year. Maria is a patient and interesting teacher, who can encourage a daydreamer to focus and can inspire natural talent. We like to take part in her recitals, and the kids like to hear themselves on the CDs she makes of all the students' music! She also has snacks and a place to do homework for kids that are waiting. I like that she's multi-lingual (French, English, Spanish) and well-read, as well as being a dedicated musician. We love her!

    - Juliet and family"

  • "Chère Maria,

    Je suis très heureuse d'avoir commencé mes leçons de piano et surtout avec vous. Vous êtes une très bonne prof et je sens que j'ai déjà fait des progrès. Merci.

    In a few English words, you are the piano instructor I needed. Thank you.

    - Maggy"

  • "Maria, thank you for going out of your way to prepare me for the CM. The preparation really pushed me with my music training beyond what I am used to. I hope your other students get a chance to have a similar experience. I am grateful for you.

    - Robert."

  • "Dear Maria, thank you for being so kind and patient with the kids. They truly enjoyed you as a piano teacher. Thank you!

    - Joseph, Bernadette and Clare"

  • "Maria, your students have been telling us great things about you. For example, Kathy, mother of Bernadette, appreciates the duets you play with the children and your patience with them. And Judy, mother of Phoebe and Libbi also is thankful for your patience and the way you work with her daughters. Keep up the great work.

    From all of us at California Music Studios."

  • "Gracias Maria! It was very thoughtful of you to open up your home and pull together a little crowd for Bobby. Piano is very important to him and you've not only been an excellent teacher but a bit of a social coach.

    - Thank you! Bobby and Fayeruz"

  • "Maria is a wonderful teacher. She is very warm with her students and I think having them play recitals twice a year is a great learning experience for the kids. She's always open to whatever interests the kids and we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with her.

    - Alisa Diez"

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